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Ski Boot Service

Meet The Service Staff

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Ski Boot Service

"There is a direct correlation between people's feet being
comfortable and their desire in participating in the sport"
– John "JP" Pierce


Through the years we have prided ourselves on our boot fitting expertise and every year we seek ways to improve on our knowledge base.
  • Currently 10 boot fitters on staff
  • 5 Master Boot Fitters on staff
  • Collectively over 100 years of experience
Net Result = Thousands of satisfied customers across the Midwest!

3D Foot Imaging - for boots purchased from us

This exacting analysis & fitting process enables us to perform a 3D virtual fit allowing us to "see" potential pressure points and fit issues prior to sending the boots out the door. In the event you need further work performed after your boot purchase we can bring up your scan and better troubleshoot any problems and solve them.

Customization & Personalization

Through the use of manual & hydraulic presses, grinders and heat molding ovens our well trained staff has the tools & knowledge to manipulate and customize shells & liners to provide the most comfortable & efficient link between you and your skis.
Net Result = Maximum Performance & Comfort

Boot "Canting" & "Lifting"

In cases of limb length difference or when stance adjustment is made by attaching wedges to the boot sole, we then add shims and recut the boot soles back to DIN specifications to assure proper binding function.
Net Result = Proper stance & alignment

Sidas Insoles

We do not abide by the "One insole to rule them all" premise, but instead determine each skier's unique balance point to decide if a stock insole, a trim-to-fit insole or custom insole is the best recommendation.
Net Result = Proper stance & alignment

The Results Speak for Themselves

We are proud to say the both 2021 Minnesota State SL Champions Zach Trotto & Ava Pihlstrom (pictured) are Pierce customers.

Since 1984, 38 of 39 men's State SL champs and 22 of the past 26 women's State SL champs have been Pierce customers and over ½ of all Central Division Junior Olympians are Pierce customers.

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