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Speed Skating

Speed Skating

"I don't remember the first time I skated on ice, I was too young. I do remember falling in love with that wind-in-my-face feeling while speed skating" – Bonnie Blair

Location, Location, Location

We are the Midwest's ONLY retail show floor for both Long Track (LT) and Short Track (ST) skates. Less than 20 minutes from the Guidant John Rose Oval we are centrally located to accommodate the needs of the local speed skating community.

Long Track (LT) Skates

Our inventory is carefully selected with the help of local skaters, coaches and clubs for skaters ranging from beginner to race. We stock LT equipment supplies year around from:
  • Bont
  • Maple
  • Zandstra
  • Powerslide & more

Short Track (ST) Skates

Pierce also stocks Short Track (ST) equipment supplies year around from the same brands.

Speed Skate Blade Sharpening, Radius and Bending Services

To achieve the specific sharpening needs of speed skaters, Pierce offers a full line of products from the following brands:
  • Zandstra
  • Maple
  • Joha
  • Foss
  • Burrmaster

Speed Skate Accessories

Here is just a partial listing of LT & ST accessories to help you get the most out of your skating experience:
  • Blade guards & soakers
  • Arm, knee & leg warmers
  • Maple Kevlar neck & ankle guards
  • Zandstra Kevlar knee & shin guards
  • Bont, Maple & Zandstra parts
  • eZeefit products & ankle stabilizers
  • Neoprene boot covers

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