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It's Never Too Soon To Get Ready For Summer Ski Camps!

Summer ski camps will be here sooner than you think and there is no time like right now to get ready.  Make sure you boots still fit and your skis are tuned and prepared for the hard and aggressive snow conditions of the Palmer snowfield.  Stop in and pick up a "Summer Ski Camp Pack List" which will assure you of getting the most out of your camp experience.  Come deal with the Pierce Staff who has "been there and done that" at  Mt. Hood for the past 18 summers.  Our Skate Department is fully stocked with everything you need for spring lesson programs.  And with the awesome weather it's time to get in-lines and skate into shape on a new set of Bont, K2 or Rollerblade's. Stop in now and deal with our award winning staff whose goal since 1936 has been "To provide our customers the finest in equipment, clothing and service through our own active participation in and passion for the sports that we sell".  

Bart, Terri & Tyler Pierce and the entire Pierce Staff


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Featured Shop at SIA

Pierce Skate & Ski featured in the SIA Snow Shop Daily.  Read the article here.

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