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Alpine Boots

Alpine Boots

"It is extremely difficult to ski with your boots off" – Dave Hinz.
Here are the top six reasons why you should buy your next pair of boots from Pierce:


All customers undergo an extensive Q & A session, feet are visually inspected, correct socks are used & feet are measured for length and width.

Pierce's Performance Matrix

All of our boots are indexed into an easy to understand performance grid that corresponds with the familiar icons that you see on trail signs.

3D Foot Imaging

Through this exacting analysis & subsequent fit process you can rest assured that you are in the correct set of boots. We input all pertinent customer data such as height, weight & skier type. The customer then puts on a pair of "Magic" socks and stands on the imaging surface, a 3D mover then takes photos every 2/3rd's of a second as it makes it's 360-degree path around the feet. All relevant foot/lower leg images & measurements are matched up and cross-referenced with our comprehensive inventory of boots. All of this information enables us to then perform a 3D virtual fit enabling us to "see" potential pressure points and fit issues prior to sending the boots out the door.

Custom Fitting by Master Boot Fitters

We have 10 boot fitters on staff with collectively 100+ years of fit expertise; five of who have achieved Master Boot Fitter status.

Free Fit Adjustments

On boots purchased from Pierce we offer free fit adjustments and fit aids (except support insoles) for
one season of skiing.

Sidas Insoles

We do not abide by the "One insole to rule them all" premise but instead determine each skier's unique balance point to decide if a stock insole, a trim-to-fit insole or custom insole is the best recommendation.

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