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Figure Skating

"Welcome to the largest refuge for figure skaters in the U.S. Period!"
-Ted Petroskey, Skate Department Manager

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should purchase your next set of skates from Pierce:

Since 1936

In 1936 Walter Pierce founded Pierce's Trading Post & Skate Exchange at 9th & Marquette in Minneapolis. Since that time, we have been "Where the Skaters Go!"  Today, three generations later, Pierce Skate & Ski is still family owned and operated.

Trade In Program

One of the cornerstones of our skate department is our trade-in program aimed specifically at kids and their constantly growing feet.

Expert Staff

Custom Fitting by the nation's largest staff of:

  • PSA Rated coaches
  • Gold Test Skaters
  • Current Competitors

All of our salespeople are actively involved in the sport and actually use the equipment from the brands we sell.

Net Result = You are dealing with people who have "been there & done that"


All of our customers undergo a thorough question and answer session that includes the following:

  • Input from your coach
  • Proper socks  
  • Measurement of both feet for length and width

Net Result = Correct Fit & Equipment Recommendations


Correct fit and equipment recommendations are the essential 1st step in your skate investment. Customization and personalization is the 2nd. The following services are provided at no additional charge with your boot and blade purchase:

  • Heat Molding & Compression Fitting
  • Waterproofing
  • Blade Mounting
  • Expert Sharpening

Net Result = Maximum Skating Performance & Comfort

Spanning the Globe!

Whether its our domestic customer base or our foreign; our sales and service ability is catching on all around the world!

Pictured left is Alexi Mishin "The Coach of Champions" on his last visit to Pierce.


Meet the Skate Staff


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