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Ski Boot Service

Ski Boot Service

“There is a direct correlation between people’s feet being comfortable and their desire in participating in the sport” -John Pierce


Through the years we have prided ourselveson our boot fitting expertise and every year we seek ways to improve on our knowledge base. 
  • Currently 10 boot fitters on staff
  • 5 Master Boot Fitters on staff
  • Collectively over 100 years of experience
Net Result = Thousands of satisfied customers across the Midwest!

Custom Insoles

When constructing a building you start with a solid foundation.  In boot fitting this comes in the form of an insole. 
We stock the following:
  • Conform’able Custom Insoles –the most widely used insole in World Cup racing.
  • Superfeet Trim-to-Fit Insoles –the best in off the shelf insoles.

Heat Molding

Achieving the balance between comfort and performance is difficult especially when dealing with high end performance and race boots.Our staff has devised a way of heat molding the actual shell of the boot to personalize the fit while at the same time reducing the amount of stretching and grinding time.
Net Result = Maximum performance & comfort!

Stretching and Grinding

Customization and personalization is fine tuned through the use of our vast array of boot spreaders, grinders, manual and hydraulic presses. Having the tools is essential while knowing how to use them is key.
Net Result = Exacting fit 

Boot Lifting & Planing

In cases of limb length difference or whenstance adjustment is made on the sole of the boot through planning the boot is then“lifted” and a secondary sole is attached; ultimately getting re-cut to DIN standards to properly fit in the binding.     
Net Result = Proper stance & alignment

The Results Speak for Themselves

Since 1996, 17 of 17 Men’s State SL and 13 of 17 Women’s State Champs are Pierce customers.
Over 1/3 of all 2012 USSA Central Division Junior Olympians are Pierce Customers.
Pictured: Jack Post 

Meet the Service Staff

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