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Cross Country

Cross Country

"Cross Country Skiing is great if you live in a small country"

-Steven Wright

Reasons to Cross Country Ski

  • Don’t hibernate!  A typical Minnesota winter is 4 months long get out and enjoy it!
  • You can head right out your backdoor or to one of our local parks with miles of groomed trails; some which are lighted for night skiing.
  • Affordable exercise & entertainment.
  • A complete “total body” exercise that burns more calories per hour than any other sport.

Classic Touring & Light Touring Gear

For skiers heading out their back door to break their own trail a slightly wider “Touring” ski is recommended.  If you are headed to one of our great groomed trails a narrower “Light touring” ski will prove to be faster and more efficient when put in track.
Complete adult packages start at $324.95
Complete junior packages start at $199.95

Skating Gear

Skating technique is an alternative approach to cross country skiing.  Different skis, boots, poles and bindings are required.  Our focus here is on the fitness and high-school racer on a budget.  
Complete adult packages start at $449.95

Back Country Gear

For our customers with cabins “up north” or those involved in winter camping we also have metal edge Back-country skis, boots, bindings and poles.
Complete adult packages start at $449.95

Another reason to Cross Country Ski

Saturday Night February 2nd, 2013

Come Experience the Luminary Loppet & Tent Party A uniquely Minnesotan winter experience not to be missed.

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Cross Country Ski Staff

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