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Biostance Customization


Pierce Skate & Ski is pleased and excited to announce its continued Minnesota exclusive partnership with Biostance, LLC.

Biostance Customization

Biostance utilizes specially made cant and ramp products to make the proper adjustments specific to each skier. These adjustments not only take care of the lateral tilt or canting, but fore and aft tilt or ramp as well. Skis and bindings systems are not all the same so it is important to take these differences into consideration to insure 100% satisfaction. By optimizing complete balance relative to each individual skiers needs, Biostance will be able to greatly improve skeletal alignment. Proper alignment allows the skier to pressure, and tilt or “edge” the ski with the least amount of muscular effort. This also enables you to get maximum performance, control and enjoyment out of your skiing. While the concept of “canting alignment” is not new the “ Complete System Analysis” by Biostance is truly revolutionary.


Available at Pierce

Biostance is a revolutionary process for solving balance issues for all levels of skiers. Through quick and efficient      analysis on the biostand test platform, the Pierce Pro Staff will be able to quickly address any critical anatomical adjustments that may need to be made. Biostance is a “Complete System Analysis” that takes the boot, binding and ski into consideration.

Are You Balanced?

The Biostance System is indeed revolutionary. We on the Pierce Skate & Ski Pro Staff now have several season’s worth of experience behind us. We have worked with 100,s of racers and recreational skiers of all abilities. The best skiers in the world are the most balanced skiers. Are you balanced on your ski gear? Come bring your skis and boots to Pierce Skate & Ski for a Biostance analysis and be amazed at the difference it will make in your skiing. 


Meet the Ski Staff

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